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The Laser Room



532nm Solid State Photocoagulator

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The Alcon Ophthalas 532 Eyelite offers better clinical treatment effects using the 532nm wavelenght which is better absorbed by the hemoglobin and oxyhemoglobin both present in the retina and less absorbed by the Xanthophyll pigment of the macula.

   This solid state laser system has a far more advanced cooling system with virtually negligible energy dissipation and avoids the exponential degradation of the laser tube of the old gas lasers. Gas lasers are fast becoming obsolete, and the future of ophthalmic lasers is the solid state system.

YAG Laser

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     The Alcon YAG 3000LE provides an  accurate delivery of energy which provides an optimum surgical outcome as an 'aim and shoot' laser. The slit lamp delivery system provides a good eye relief, a bright field and a sufficient working distance to facilitate problem free focusing and proper targeting of tissue.

   This State of the art laser unit offers an operational flexibility providing posterior offset capability, a wide range of energy selection, burst mode, and dual laser diode aiming beams.

   Unlike older YAG units, the Alcon YAG 3000LE offers safety verification as it is provided with a self-test program to verify that all system functions are operating properly. It also has a self-test fired internally each time energy selected is changed to enable the clinician to confirm energy delivered before actually treating the patient.


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Canon CF-60UV

Multi-role wide-angle fundus camera. It offers color photography and fluorescein angiography (FA).